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                                                                              HON’BLE SRI C.SAMBASIVA RAO

                            Born on 12th March, 1943. Completed secondary education in Guntur and obtained Bachelor of Arts Degree from Andhra University in March, 1961, Master of Arts from Nagpur University in 1963 and Bachelor of Law from Andhra University in April, 1965. Enrolled as an Advocate in March, 1966 and joined as apprentiship at the Senior Counsel Boddu Subbaya in Guntur.

 Worked as Trainee District Munsif from August, 1976 to February, 1977.
 Worked as District Munsif at Punganur from February, 1977 to May, 1978.
 Worked as District Munsif at Chintalapudi from May, 1978 to May 1980.
 Worked as Principal District Munsif at Vijayawada from May, 1980 to May, 1983.
 Worked as Principal District Munsif at Ongole from May, 1983 to April, 1984.
 Worked as Subordinate Judge at Markapur from April, 1984 to May, 1986.
 Worked as Subordinate Judge at Adoni from June, 1986 to May, 1987.
 Worked as Subordinate Judge at Rajmundri from May, 1987 to August, 1987.
 Worked as Joint Director of Prosecution at Hyderabad from August, 1987 to January, 1991.
 Worked as Subordinate Judge at Srikakulam from January, 1991 to March, 1991.
 Worked as Second Additional Metropolitan Sessions Judge at Hyderabad from March, 1991 to May, 1994.
 Worked as Special Judge fro C.B.I Cases at Vizag from May, 1994 to April, 1995.
 Worked as 3rd Additional District Judge cum Special Judge fro A.C.B Cases at Vizag from May, 1995 to January, 1996.
 Worked as district and Sessions Judge at Vizianagaram from January, 1996 to June, 1997.
 Worked as Family Court Judge at Vizag from September, 1997 to May, 2000.
 Worked as District and Sessions Judge at Khammam from May, 2000 to July, 2001.
 Worked as Judicial Member in A.P.Administrative Tribunal at Hyderabad from August, 2001 to March, 2005.

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